Red Hot Logos (& the brands that Love them)

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red hot logos and the brands that love them

If you go out in the streets and ask the following question: “What’s your favorite color?” to random individuals, they will probably tell you that their favorite color is perhaps blue, black, or red. When it comes to red, there is nothing but positive things to say about this color. Red is a powerful, bold color, and because of its nature, we can associate many things with it. Red is associated with warmth. This comes to no surprise since it is a warm color. Warm colors tend to evoke energy and excitement. Red is also associated with comfort. Depending on the type of red that you choose, you can create feelings of comfort which can help build a sense of trust. Red is also used in love and romance. Red’s bold appearance can undoubtedly ignite passion among the hearts of many. Because of these reasons, it comes to us as no surprise that red is so popular among many brands around the world.

Diverse Industries Know The Power of Red. You Should Know That As Well.

Since so many are captivated by the boldness of red, businesses all over the world have used this color to ensure that their desired audiences are using their services. Almost every single industry has used some element of red. There are certain industries in which red is being used more often. For example, red can be seen in marketing collateral, diverse forms of content such as infographics, videos, text, images, and graphic designs. Brands who use this color make sure that their websites have an element of red. Here is some food for thought: If you are a business leader and had only one choice in where to place the color red, then we highly suggest to incorporate this color on areas that people will see the most. These areas can be billboards, restaurant signs, and logos. Many businesses know the power of color and the psychological effects it has on individuals. Years of research has given marketers, advertisers, and industry leaders the evidence necessary to use colors in a strategic way to create a significant impact on their respective businesses.

Below are some of the most prominent industries that utilize red to connect with their target audiences.

Art & Media

Since red symbolizes excitement. It also commands our attention. What couldn’t be more exciting than watching a great film, reading an interesting magazine article, or watching captivating breaking news? The entertainment industry, as well as the media industry, understand the power of red. Many giants of these industries such as Netflix, Time Magazine, and CNN use red to grab the attention of audiences. These companies require their viewers to be attentive and alert, and for this reasons, it’s not shocking to see bold reds in their logos and other marketing materials.

Red Media company logos


As we have mentioned before, red can capture the attention of audiences in ways that other colors cannot. Tech companies likely use Youtube and Adobe use red to garner such attention from their audiences. If you lead a tech company, you know that must you stand out amongst the competition. Tech is a competitive industry, therefore you must create and sell products that are innovative, useful, and serve a purpose. Since most tech companies use blue in their logos, it is not a farfetched idea to use red on your logos and stand out. Remember, red is an attention getter, therefore is a greater possibility that audiences will be drawn to your company. That is the power of red.

Tech industry logos that use red

Retail and Consumer Goods

We all shop for various reasons and shop for a great range of items. We tend to purchase items such as clothing, food, furniture, hair products, medicine and just about everything else.There is something about shopping that makes us feel so good. Red symbolizes excitement. Marketers that work for these industries know this. Marketers take full advantage of the fact that shopping is such a gratifying experience for many. For this important reason, is not surprising to know that this industry uses red constantly. Some of the retail and consumer goods companies that use this color include Target, Kmart, and H&M.

retail and consumer good logos that use red

Colleges & Universities

When prospective students start searching for colleges to attend, they make sure to research each institution and see if its the right fit. Because there is so much competition amongst colleges and universities, some of the tactics that these institutions utilize involve the strategic use of color throughout their marketing materials. Red is such an enthusiastic color, therefore higher education marketers can use it to their advantage. They know students are eager to start college and begin a new life, therefore red can be used to attract students in a way that can stimulate emotions. This can benefit the institutions that are trying to recruit students. Examples of higher education institutions that use red include Ohio State University, Stanford University, and the University of Houston.

Colleges and University logos that use Red

Food and Beverage

Have you noticed the constant use of red in many restaurants? Have you noticed the constant use of red in many of the most popular beverages? The reason is very simple. Red is a stimulant. Red is such an impactful color, that it not attracts consumers to purchase goods and services, red can actually stimulate hunger. Many businesses dedicated to the food and beverage industry use red throughout their ads to ensure that consumers are stimulated to the point where they decide to purchase a good. When an appetite forms, we do what we can to eliminate it. Usually, we tend to go to a restaurant to eliminate any appetite formed. Food and Beverage companies are certainly one of the most successful entities that influence an action. Getting consumers to create an action is the goal of essentially every business. The color red certainly helps the food and beverage industry reach this important goal. Some companies within this industry that use red include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Budweiser.

Red Food and Beverage logos


Whether individuals are participating or are simply spectators, sports can create a magnitude of emotions. They include, excitement, joy, and in some cases anger. Red symbolizes all of these emotions. Depending of the intensity of red, this color can also symbolize feelings of aggression. Aggression can be witnessed in almost any sport. There is a strong need to win in professional sports. Players, no matter the sport, must fight hard to complete their goal of winning for themselves like in a traditionally single player sport such as tennis or figure skating, or for a team like in the case of soccer, football and baseball. There are many professional sports teams that use red to symbolize a team’s strength and vigor such as the Houston Rockets, St. Louis Cardinals, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Red sports team logos


Red is a color that also symbolizes energy. If you are a personal trainer or work for an organization that specializes in fitness, you must make sure that you help inspire clients to become more active. You need to make sure that your clients are motivated at all times and have enough energy to complete exercise routines. These routines can be complicated to perform, especially if a client has not been active for an extended period of time. Incorporating red throughout your fitness center can help encourage clients to obtain the strength and determination necessary to complete their workouts. Fitness entities that incorporate red include 24-Hour Fitness and Snap Fitness.

Red fitness logo examples


When was the last time you’ve traveled? How does traveling make you feel? Red is known for symbolizing excitement and comfort. Traveling can certainly help individuals experience these powerful emotions. Many of the most prominent advertising organizations have used red to stimulate the emotions of comfort and exhilaration within individuals help to inspire an action. So, if you have purchased tickets and made reservations to go to your dream destination, an advertisement that included red may have inspired you to take the vacation of a lifetime.

Travel industry logos that have red

Captivate With The Power Of Red!

As you can see, there are many companies that use red to promote their goods and services. Many of these organizations have consulted with experts and have done research on which colors to use to help attract their target audiences. For the industries that we have mentioned, it is important to use red. Red symbolizes energy, excitement, aggressiveness, comfort, romance and passion. It is such an attractive color that people cannot help but to be drawn to it. These companies know its power and they will continue to use it for years to come, even if they change their logos, or any other visual component.

Are you thinking of incorporating red into any of the visual components of your organization, such as a logo? Well, b.iD can certainly help you. For more information on which colors, tones, and hues to include in your visual designs, contact us today to get started.

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