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Our Mission:

To aid businesses, individuals, and organizations in using strategy and design to build remarkable brands both online and offline.

Our Vision:

B.ID aims to be a beacon within the advertising and marketing community. We strive for excellence and will never settle for “just good” nor will we give our clients anything less than remarkable. Being remarkable isn’t just a tagline, but a promise.

Our Story

A wise man once said that the opposite of remarkable is good, and because of that, it is our goal to be nothing less than remarkable. Being good is not entirely bad, but standing out and doing better means the difference between you and the next individual/business/product; we choose to be and do better. With that, it is only acceptable to approach each client and project the same way. They deserve nothing less than work that will benefit their business, career, event, and everything else for the better, setting them apart from the crowd. With b.iD, you won’t have to choose from a list of benefits but can only have two; great designs accomplish more than just looks and likes.

At b.iD, building our clients’ brands is our top priority. We are a full-service agency aiming to deliver high-quality and highly creative designs with top-level service from conception to execution.

Why be good, when you can be remarkable? | B.iD Tagline

From 2014, Now We’re Here: Our Founding

Founded in 2014 by Dana Hewling in Houston, Texas. Like the island she calls home, Dana is a blend of drive, creativity, passion, and determination that, when combined just right, can be unstoppable. Raised in Jamaica, she has always had strong artistic abilities and a love for all things creative, which is seen in her drawings, painting, jewelry, and of course, designs. This love was the reason she ventured towards Architecture design, but it wasn’t until after an internship at OGM Integrated Communications Ltd.–the top advertising agency in Jamaica– that instilled a passion for great advertising and branding. A graduate of the University of South Florida, Dana had been a freelance designer since 2010 and in 2014, pursued her career full-time. As a designer, she can provide an array of design services in addition to social media and marketing strategy. After starting her operations as D.Hewling, she chose to shift gears and move from a freelance career path to building an agency to provide her clients with the quality and comprehensive solutions their brands needed. To best communicate that she decided on B.ID. She officially began operations as B.ID on January 1st, 2015.

In addition, to helping brands build speak up in a world constantly yelling b.iD values service. We regularly commit to various speaking events, workshops, mentoring & internships, and other projects, including our annual day of service, better known as Be Impactful Day, which was founded in 2016. Being impactful in all we do is crucial to being remarkable and we believe it is our duty to give back to the community that has allowed us to grow and work towards our dreams as we help others work towards theirs.

Dana + Chef Rey Standing in the Gap (2015)Team b.iD at Be Impactful Day 2017Dana speaking with UH Finance Association (2018)Dana speaking at UH-AMA Marketing Week (2017)Dana speaking on Being Impactful through Branding at HAUL SBX 2019

Your Remarkable Leads

Creative Director and Branding Specialist - Dana

Dana S. Hewling

Creative Director & Branding Specialist

She is beauty and grace. She is Dana Hewling, Miss International! Well…. Not even close. (She was a beauty pageant contestant, but that’s neither here nor there). What she really is, is a branding specialist, creative director, public speaker, entrepreneur, and dog lover helping businesses become remarkable on and off-line.

Memberships & Certifications

AAF-HoustonHootsuite SM Certified MarketerMember of African-American Marketing Association


2017 Citation of Excellence - Logo Design Award

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