Branding & Identity

By definition, branding is “the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product/service/organization from other products/services/organizations.” A corporate identity is the overall image of a corporation, entity, or business in the minds of the public, including but not limited to customers and employees as well as investors. One element of a brand’s identity, and generally the most prominent, is its logo.

Why are we so obsessed with branding?

Look everywhere you go. An organization’s branding presence can be seen everywhere. Literally. Billboards, radio ads, TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, and any public medium you can think of. Branding can be found on a coffee cup, on medication, on cars, on clothing, and just about any product you can dare to imagine. We have been bombarded with different forms of ads and messages through the media and other entities throughout our entire lives. It’s one of the reasons why many consumers find themselves obsessed with branding, including ourselves. Branding plays an important role in the success of your organization in various ways. The list is innumerable. What is most important to know about the art of branding is that in order to create an impact on audiences, you have to be remembered for all the right reasons. When you’re remembered, you create the pathway towards having long-lasting relationships with customers. Customers are what keep brands going and it is up to you to ensure that your audiences continue to connect and ensure they continue to obsess, imagine, and wonder what’s the latest from your organization.

At b.iD, branding is everything. We define branding as the heart of a commercial entity, represented visually. A brand is composed of essential elements, including a name, a slogan, taglines, a logo, and other elements of design that make it possible for you to be promoted visually to target audience and cultivate a loyal base.

Is a logo really that necessary? Yes. Yes, it is.

The logo is the centerpiece of a successful branding campaign. Without a logo, it would be challenging to provide audiences with a clear message about what your organization’s stands for. You’ve seen the Apple logo, right? You’ve probably also seen Mickey D’s golden arches, as well as Nike’s swoosh logo? These are iconic symbols that have created a significant impact on our culture and are immediately recognizable even by individuals that hardly consume media. So, to answer the question is a logo really that necessary, we here at b.iD must tell you that it is an absolute must. If you plan on being in business for years to come, you have to make certain that you are able to create a logo that communicates to your audiences what your company stands for. You also have to adjust to the times and create the steps necessary to evolve your logo if the moment arises. A logo grabs attention. A logo ensures that your brand is engrained in the minds of the people you are trying to reach. A logo can separate you from the competition in the most unique ways, but most importantly, a logo can help produce trust and reliability, which are necessary components to ensure your success as a business. Of course, a logo is not the only element needed to demonstrate the power of your brand. There are other steps you need to make to create the formula for success through a comprehensive branding and identity strategy. B.ID will assist you in developing the elements of branding that will give your company a competitive edge.

Connections with you target is critical and branding and identity strategy for businesses makes that happen

Why would my organization need a branding & identity strategy?

If your organization or business is searching for a way to stand out among a sea of competitors within your market and reach audiences in an authentic manner, then a branding and identity strategy is not only recommended but required. Customer trust and loyalty are produced through consistent messages and constant communication without overwhelming your audience.

A branding and identity strategy can provide an organization with clarity and a purpose as to why you are dedicated to time and other important resources to reach an untapped audience. Basically, a branding and identity strategy keeps you on your toes. Engaging audiences and creating relationships are some of the aspects that are always present in the minds of business leaders, no matter the industry or size of the company. All organizations will be able to benefit from a branding and identity strategy if connecting with audiences is the overarching goal. B.ID was founded to fulfill this essential need that so many organizations have a difficult time achieving.

Connection is key. Connection is what helps businesses excel. Forging a connection with audiences is what will take your business from anonymity to prominence. Let us assist you in producing an effective, captivating brand and identity strategy that will provide you the results you are searching for.

Remarkable brands are built at b.iD

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