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Step One:

Our Intro call: Let’s just chat and see if we’re a good fit for your communications needs. Not a good match? No worries we’ll suggest someone who might be.

Step Two & Three:

We start with our Brand RTR™ and then possibly one of our BrandImpact™ packages. Your investment from your RTR™ gets applied to your BrandImpact™ moving forward.

Your Brand + Your Target + Your Goals = Our Priority

Let our team be your team.
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Don’t let branding and marketing keep you puzzled

We’d love nothing more than for marketing to be simple, and in some ways, it can be. The success of any marketing strategy relies on the strength of the messaging, a deep understanding of your target audience, clearly outlined goals, consistency, and a solid plan. There are many parts and variables to consider, so we like to look at it as a puzzle. Each puzzle piece perfectly fits the next to complete the image or, in this case, your marketing plan. The complexity of your puzzle depends on your company, your target(s), and goals. Regardless of the complexity, the one thing that ruins any puzzle is holes or missing pieces.

At b.iD, our goal is to understand your particular puzzle’s needs, ensure there are no missing pieces, and execute strategies to achieve each organizational goal. We do this while working to build and maintain strong connections with your audience.

Improve Brand Presence
Better Leverage Digital Platforms
Improve Customer Service or User Experience
Increase Sales, Subscriptions, Enrollment, or Donations
Build Stronger Connections with your Community and Audience

Get a better idea of what your puzzle might look like with our simple quiz.

Brand-centric holistic marketing solutions for businesses and nonprofits

Brand-centric Holistic Marketing

As a full-service partner, b.iD can utilize an array of tactics and solutions to help best achieve your brand’s specific goals. We’re branding-first, so your brand will never be neglected at any stage. Some of the tactics we can execute include but are certainly not limited to, social media marketing, email marketing, geofencing, review campaigns, direct mail marketing, and content marketing. Any branding strategy or marketing campaign’s success relies on developing a detailed understanding of your target audience. At b.iD, we value research and data as much as appealing designs. We mine data to uncover valuable nuggets to improve the results we provide you. With b.iD on your team, we’ll have it covered, so that you can do what you do best.
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Your Partner for Actionable Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, and Data for your company

Get Serious about Your Marketing with Serious Data + Marketing Automation

At b.iD, our work isn’t just pretty; it’s pretty smart. Not only do you get high quality, professional, and creative deliverables but as your partner, we’re happy to provide you with data that goes beyond basic insights. Our marketing department is driven with research and analytics at its core ensuring our strategies (and goals) are fueled by actionable insights. Data might be King but we make the King work for you. How does your target truly behave? What strategies have the highest rates of success and where can we improve? What returns are you getting from everything? Let us provide all that and more. Additionally, with marketing automation in your arsenal, you’re brand is communicating smarter not just harder.

In need of a dedicated design, marketing, or communcations partner?

Look no further than b.iD.

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