The Logo Blues

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Blue is certainly one of the most popular colors out there. If you asked random people what their favorite color is, they will most likely tell you that it’s blue.

There are many wonders in the world. They include the skies, bodies of water, precious stones such as aquamarines and sapphires. There are also many ordinary things that we as people tend to consume. These items include clothing items such as jeans, fruits such as blueberries, and transportation such as automobiles. All of these items mentioned have one thing in common: they all come in the form of blue. It is certainly one of the most popular colors out there. If you asked random people what their favorite color is, they will most likely tell you that it’s blue.

Here is the thing: individuals are not the only ones that have a strong liking to the color blue. The most prominent businesses in the world love the color as well. Many industries use this color for their logo designs. There are various reasons as to why this color is so significant for these entities.

Below we will discuss the importance of the color blue for a variety of industries.


This industry is composed of many important businesses that produce a variety of automobiles. From, cars, trucks, motorcycles, these companies make sure they produce vehicles that are long-lasting and effective. Many people invest a considerable amount of money in order to make such a large purchase, so it is vital for these organizations to produce top quality vehicles. The color blue is a symbol of reliability, and for the automotive industry, they must present themselves as companies that produce reliability in the form of vehicles.

BMW, produces one of the most valued and esteemed vehicles around the world. They are known for producing quality work. If you haven’t noticed, their logo has blue components. The logo design is simple, but it is immediately recognizable everywhere you go. Other automotive companies that include the color blue in their design include Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Subaru.

Blue automotive logos


To continue the dependability aspect, there are many tech companies that use blue in their designs. These include Dell Technologies, HP Inc., and Intel. We rely on these companies to produce technology devices and software that will help us with our day to day duties. Almost every working professional and student use computers, printing material, and other materials that help produce great work. In today’s age, you probably don’t know anyone that is not using such materials, because they have become such an indispensable part of our lives. We now depend on such materials to make our lives more productive, and simply easier.

Blue is also a symbol for youth. Social media organizations such as Facebook, Inc., and Twitter Inc. serve a predominantly young audience, therefore, it is not surprising to see this color in their logo designs.

blue tech logos

Financial + Banking

Many people around the world put a lot of trust into organizations that protect their financial resources. When you are placing your resources into a financial entity, you are doing so because you know that the organization will do its best to protect your assets. In order to attract potential clients and retain the element of trust, many organizations use the color blue in their websites, as well as other design elements such as logos to convey trust and security. Blue is able to create feelings of trust and security, and many organizations know this. Because of this, it is not surprising to see the recurring theme of blue in many financial and banking companies. One of the most iconic financial institutions, JPMorgan Chase & Co., uses the color blue in their logo. Other companies include Citi, Barclays, and USAA.

blue bank and financial logos

Retail and Consumer Goods

When we purchase goods at a grocery store or at the mall, we want to do so in a way that provides comfort. We want to feel welcomed and be provided with great customer service. Many companies do whatever it takes to be able to produce such a service. They train their employees to be courteous, helpful, and kind in order to not only make the customer feel welcomed but to ensure that the customer invests in the resources that the company produces. The color blue has an important role in attracting prospective customers. They do so through logos as well. Many companies, such as Walmart Inc. and AT&T Inc. have blue in their logos. Trust is also important for the retail and consumer goods industries, and because blue represents such trust, the color is frequently used in many companies that belong to this particular industry.

blue retail and consumer goods logos


Blue also represents productivity and intelligence. Productivity is an important aspect that many companies and academic institutions value. In order for society to maintain its strength in resources and innovations, there must be mechanisms that need to be instilled onto others in order to produce successful members of society. We all know that academic institutions send marketing material to many high school students in order to state why their institution is the most appropriate one for the student. Many of these institutions use blue in their logos in order to tell prospective students that their institution will be able to produce successful individuals. It is simply a more subtle way of saying it. Institutions that have blue in their logos include the University of Oxford, Yale University, and Florida International University.

blue collegiate logos

Food and Beverage

Blue isn’t traditionally associated with many popular food and beverage companies such as McDonald’s or Wendy’s. There are certain colors that evoke the appetites of people, and those are red and yellow. Blue on the other hand, in terms of this particular industry, represents a color that is used to reduce the appetite of individuals. It is said that people that want to lose weight or have a reduction in appetite should use blue plates (fascinating, isn’t?) With that being said, there are very popular food and beverage companies that use blue. PepsiCo and General Mills, Inc. are one of the most prominent food and beverage organizations that use this color in their logos.

blue food and beverage logos

Health and Wellness

There is a strong number of people that don’t frequent the doctor’s or dentist’s office. This can be understandable. Many things go through the mind of the person that is going to such an office, and it can be intimidating not knowing what will happen during a visit. Many of these organizations know this so, therefore, they try their best to make the clinics and other wellness centers as inviting as possible. If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of blue in these places. That is because blue represents serenity and calmness. Health and wellness organizations use this color in order to help patients feel at peace, and hopefully reduce any anxiety that was caused. Not only do these organizations use this color in their clinics and offices, but they incorporate blue in their logo designs as well. Health and wellness organizations that use blue in their logos include Houston Methodist Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.

blue health and wellness logos

It is truly incredible that blue can symbolize so many things. Blue can represent productivity, intelligence, trust, youth, and calmness. It is no wonder why this color remains so popular among individuals and companies throughout the world.

As you’ve witnessed, many important organizations use blue for their logo designs. They know the impact that this color can bring… and so do we! If you believe that adding blue to your logo design will help your organization exude its qualities, contact b.iD to help you start on your journey for a better logo design. It only takes one click.

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