Get Your FREE Google My Business: 101 Download!

Get Your FREE Google My Business: 101 Download!

Let The Community Know You’re Open for Business

Even when businesses are facing great uncertainty, many businesses are trying to figure out how they can minimize negative impacts. Business leaders are now faced with the task of strategizing carefully to help save their organizations from financial devastation. This is a real possibility for many businesses that belong to industries that need a strong customer base to survive. There are many enterprises that do not belong to the “essential business” categories. What should they do to help offset the loss of consistent customers? Fortunately, a considerable number of businesses and industries offer online services to keep operations afloat.

There are a variety of tools available to companies that can make work life easier. Google Suite, Zoho One, Zoom, and Office 365 are just some of the online resources that businesses can utilize. For small, local businesses that are more customer-focused, like restaurants, retail, and other service-oriented organizations, there is one vital online tool that can revolutionize the way business services are promoted: enter Google My Business. Mark your business open to the public by creating a GMB profile. It’s easy and user-friendly, perfect for the everyday business owner.

Don’t Know Where To Begin With GMB? No Worries, We’ll Help You Get Started!

Download b.iD’s Google My Business Guide to help you get started on your journey of maximizing the visibility and recognition of your business in your community. Through our guide, you will be able to learn how you can create/claim your business on a GMB platform and gain valuable insights into how you can optimize your profile. During times of crisis, do all that is possible to help your business not just survive, but thrive and find long-term success, even in times of uncertainty.

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