Don’t Neglect Good UX Design

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In layman's terms, user experience is all about how individuals feel when they are interacting with a digital platform. This is perhaps the most essential element of user experience.

It Can Be The Difference Between Gaining and Losing Prospective Clients and Consumers

How do you feel? That is a question that is typically asked by friends when they first greet you for a quick lunch. It is also the question that a physician may ask to determine your current physical and mental state. Surprisingly, this question is asked subconsciously to many users of some of the prominent technologies that dominate our world. What exactly do we mean by this? When users browse through a particular website, application, or any form of software in general, they may experience certain emotions. Their ideas about the particular software they are navigating through are essential for user experience design. User experience design is defined by the following: a discipline that focuses on improving and enriching an end-user’s experience in various software platforms.

In layman’s terms, user experience is all about how individuals feel when interacting with a digital platform. This is perhaps the most essential element of user experience. What individuals feel when they browse through your platforms can be the difference between gaining and losing a prospective customer. It only takes minutes -sometimes seconds- for a prospect to know whether your business meets their needs. We will discuss why user experience can be a key element to having positive conversion rates.

If one of your goals is to improve conversion rates, consider the importance of proper UX design

When was the last time you’ve gone over your metrics? Are you getting the conversions you believe your business deserves? Experts agree that to ensure your marketing efforts are functioning, you, as a business owner, must measure the success of your strategy to know which elements are successful and what improvements need to be made. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not acquiring the appropriate number of new customers, you may have to make some changes to increase conversion rates. If your marketing campaign uses digital platforms to fulfill specific strategies, and you realize that you are not gaining prospects to meet goals, you can infer that these platforms are not creating the effect that you are seeking. The answer can be found in user experience design or UX.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, great UX could increase conversion rates of a website by almost 400 percent. UX design is about usability, efficiency, and other essential factors. Improving UX design will make certain no prospective customers feel lost or are unable to access information that matters most. Consider enriching some elements of your digital platforms, which include UX design.

Investing in UX Design = Investing in the future success of your business

As a business owner, do you sometimes wonder about the most cost-effective way to reach sales goals for your company? Business leaders will go to various lengths and consider making various expenses to ensure their company is visible to potential investors and prospective clients. For many business owners, investing in the success of their organizations is necessary to reach goals and objectives. The resources it takes to ensure business operations run smoothly is costly in a variety of ways. The amount of capital that business leaders invest year-round is substantial. For example, marketing, publicity, and promotion costs can reach thousands of dollars per month.

So, how does all of this relate to UX design? According to Robert Pressman, author of Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, when there is an investment in UX design, business leaders would see significant UX returns, which can fall anywhere from $10 to $100. Producing effective UX design strategies also allows leaders to correct product development issues from the very beginning, avoiding considerable financial losses. If saving business costs is your goal, investing in UX design is the choice you need to make now.

Why UX Design matters in today’s digital landscape

Do you understand the importance of having not just good UX design, but phenomenal UX design? UX design can help business leaders understand the importance of creating digital platforms, such as the standard website or a mobile application, and ensuring such platforms uphold appropriate standards of usability and function. Studies conducted by Forrester Research concluded that good UX increases customer satisfaction in various ways. The research found that a customer’s willingness to pay for a product or service increases by 14.4 percent and reduces their reluctance to switch brands by 15.8 percent. Audiences want to navigate through a digital platform seamlessly without causing any inconveniences. Bad UX design can turn off even the most patient and willing customer.

Don’t Neglect Mobile Platforms

Did you know that 85 percent of adults believe that an organization’s mobile website should be as good or even better than a more traditional platform, such as a desktop website? How can this be? Well, let us provide additional stats to prove a simple point. In 2013, mobile platforms made up about 16.2 percent of worldwide traffic. Compare that to 2019, 52.2 percent of traffic came from mobile devices. The answer couldn’t be any more straightforward: more individuals utilize mobile platforms to navigate the web than ever before. The convenience of mobile platforms and the advances that devices have gained over the years provide consumers with alternatives to access information and other relevant data that helps with everyday life.

People are busy. People are looking for quick and easy solutions, and they want to obtain them in the most convenient way possible. If they are looking for a new restaurant, a new doctor’s office, the closest veterinary clinic, they can do so in the palm of their hands, literally. If UX design is not executed properly in mobile platforms, you risk alienating consumers that have the potential to empower your business. These individuals can become new prospects, but because UX design in your mobile platforms does not have uniformity, is not user friendly, creates confusion, among other issues, you risk losing these potential clients because of inadequate UX design.

Get Professional UX/UI help

UX design is an essential component of having a functioning website or app, whether it comes from a traditional platform such as desktop, or even a mobile device. Designing a platform with user experience in mind takes dedication, strategy, and purpose. It takes technical prowess, creativity, and innovation. B.ID is equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to transform your digital platforms to reach prospective customers and help your business grow. The time is now. Take your organization from ordinary to remarkable only at b.iD. Let us know about the vision you have for your digital platforms, and we will take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

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