Diversity, Inclusion, and Opportunity in Advertising

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Opportunity in Advertising

The communications industry and I know this from experience, can seem like a minefield as you're navigating getting that first big job, but I promise you, persevere.

The status quo is a stubborn one. The comfort we get in the familiar is more addictive than some of the hardest drugs. I mean, when you find something that works, why change it, right? That is why things stay the same for so long, even after they’ve stopped working – if they were ever even working at all.

Communications is one such industry where the status quo reigns supreme. This is quite ironic when you think of it—considering that we’re an industry that is changing by the minute. How we work, what we work on, or even where we work isn’t the same as it was just five years ago. But what remains the same is who is in charge. Many agencies still don’t reflect the communities they serve even though, as a society, we are more diverse than ever.

Since our founding in 2014, b.iD has been beyond fortunate to work with an array of clients representing different genders, ethnicities, religions, orientations, and more. Fun fact: the majority of our clients have been those leading black, woman, or minority-owned enterprises. We have worked to not only provide quality designs to these brands but also better-educated brands. Many clients have relied on our guidance and expertise as their first partnership with an agency, which can not be quantified (nor taken lightly). Beyond our branding and marketing services, we allot time and counsel to aspiring entrepreneurs of all stages whenever the request arises. From workshops at the Boys and Girls Club of Great Houston to classes at the Houston Area Urban League’s Small Business University, we are happy to help lay the foundational education for others to build on.

Over the years, our team has reflected and communicated diversity in every facet. And we will continue to do so. We call the fourth largest and the most diverse city in the United States home, and it would be a huge miss if we didn’t reflect that. Our mission is to be Remarkable, and for us, if we can’t help people achieve their dreams, especially those that make up our team, what’s the point?

I am excited about the future of communication as the people climbing the ranks are ready and willing to make some long-needed changes. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our uniqueness. Let our voices be heard. If you’re new to the industry, do not be discouraged. I’m sure Remarkable things are headed your way.

— Dana

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