The Importance of Taglines

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The important of taglines

A tagline helps highlight a company’s brand to the public. The most important aspect of a tagline is to ensure that it is memorable. A tagline can certainly help your company stand out for all the right reasons, and if you create a tagline that is memorable, you will be able to see how much of a great impact a short phrase can create.

What is a tagline and why is it important?

Almost everyone wants to be remembered in some way or another. Some people do charity work to be recognized, some try their best to excel at school or work, and others simply try to be the best versions of themselves by being respectful, kind and cordial towards others. Doing any of these things can certainly help an individual become admired by many. It must be said that there is a different group of people that simply want to live life on their own terms without the need of impressing anyone, and that is perfectly fine. Many do not live to please others and live up to the expectations of others. This is certainly not the case when it comes to businesses. They need to be recognized by many and they need to be remembered. There are certain tactics that businesses perform to reach such goals. One of the ways they do this is through the use of taglines. A tagline is a short phrase that states a company’s overall purpose. A tagline helps highlight a company’s brand to the public. The most important aspect of a tagline is to ensure that it is memorable. A tagline can certainly help your company stand out for all the right reasons, and if you create a tagline that is memorable, you will be able to see how much of a great impact a short phrase can create.

Taglines vs. slogans.

Do you know the difference between a tagline and a slogan? Many individuals, including some junior level marketing professionals, may have certain misconceptions about what a tagline and a slogan are. As we have stated before, a tagline is defined by a phrase that highlights a company’s overall brand. This is not the case for a slogan. A slogan is a short phrase that only applies to a single product of a business. Take McDonald’s for example. We are certain you are familiar with their company tagline “I’m Lovin’ It.” If McDonald’s provided an ad that promoted one of their products, such as a Big Mac, a slogan would have been created to highlight this particular product. A slogan can be created to ensure that audiences remember how delectable and appetizing this certain burger can be. We understand that many use the terms taglines and slogans interchangeably. Although this may be the case, we must always remember that these terms serve different purposes.

What does a tagline communicate?

A tagline should always communicate the essential benefits of the organization. Consumers want to purchase a product or obtain a service that will benefit their lives. They want something that is useful and that will improve whatever circumstance they are experiencing. Most people usually don’t care for the extra gadgets or services that certain products have. If a company creates a tagline based on that, then it would be likely that they may pass on whatever offer that the company has. Consumers are most likely to purchase from a company that will improve their day to day activities. That it is why it’s so important for companies to understand their audiences. They must study their audiences to ensure that the message you are trying to deliver to them will create a lasting impact. After organizations analyze their audiences, the probability of creating an effective tagline based on the benefits of products can certainly help audiences remember no only the products themselves, but the entire company. Know what your audiences want, and your brand will most likely be remembered. Being remembered, as we have stated, is the goal of any organization. A tagline may also communicate why their products and services should be consumed. Why are your company’s products better than the those of your competitors? What makes them so unique? Creating an effective tagline with this in mind can also help audiences remember your brand.

The anatomy of a tagline: How to write a good one.

Share your story…

To make certain that a tagline reaches its full potential, there are certain elements a tagline should have. For starters, a tagline should always tell audiences the story of a company. This may seem difficult to comprehend, but let us give you some insight. Stories have a profound effect on the human psyche. We are able to feel a variety of emotions every time we read a story. A story can leave us filled with happiness, while other stories can make us feel vulnerable to the point where we are left inconsolable. That is how powerful words can be. We are not so sure that a tagline has ever produced such strong emotions, but tagline that can tell a quick, yet attention-grabbing story. A story can help us relate to certain circumstances. People will be drawn to taglines that can highlight their daily activities or concerns that they may have in everyday life. This can make many remember your company.

Get to the point!

A great story can leave a powerful impact, therefore it won’t be surprising that audiences can easily identify your company through its tagline. A tagline should also be clear and straight to the point. In order for a tagline to have an element of clarity, a company must be able to produce a tagline that connects with their target audiences. The tagline “Just Do It” has an incredible amount of power. It makes the audience immediately create an action. This certainly reflects the Nike brand as a company that is dedicated to providing athletic apparel and accessories. It is a very active tagline that resonates with many and promotes athleticism, healthy living, and inspires individuals to become more active. Having a tagline with clarity can certainly help amplify your company’s message in ways that you as a business leader did not previously think about.

Keep it simple, smarty

Lastly, this may be an obvious element of a tagline, but marketing professionals or anyone who is tasked to create taglines must know to keep taglines short and simple. Short taglines like the ones we have mentioned can create a lasting effect on audiences. They are easy to remember and won’t confuse your audience. In the communications world, it is important for things to be easy to understand and uncomplicated. We want to ensure that audiences are able to understand what we are trying to sell, help influence or teach. Everything from press releases, news articles, and media advisories, are made to help individuals understand the information that is being presented. Taglines are certainly not an exception.

Does your business need a tagline?

Many businesses can benefit from having a tagline. They can make almost any business memorable. Every major industry, from food and beverage companies to cosmetics companies, is filled with competitors. They need to be able to stand out somehow. There are many ways companies can stand out amongst other companies, and one of those ways is to create an effective and memorable tagline. A tagline can leave a great impression on the audiences that companies reach. Being memorable means leaving the audience thinking about a respective company in the most positive of ways. On the contrary, there are businesses that don’t really need to add a tagline. If their company name is made to create a memorable impact, then companies can dismiss incorporating a tagline altogether.

Guess Who’s Next: You Are!

It may seem like an easy task to create a tagline. You may probably think “It’s just a phrase” or “Its only a few words” Although this may be true, it takes time and a lot of brainstorming to create the perfect tagline. You must always think about which elements to incorporate into your tagline. These elements include clarity, length of phrase, answering the question as to why your products or services should be consumed, among others. The end result of a creating an effective tagline is to ensure that your company is memorable among the masses. Your tagline must impact your audiences in this manner. If you are able to create a tagline that audiences can immediately identify, then your business has left a power and lasting impression on your audiences that will create the most significant impact on your business.

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