Print & Graphic Design

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser

Print Is Dead…No, Not Quite

Print is still alive and kicking when it comes to printed branding, advertising, and marketing materials. Printed media are the perfect vehicle to show off the way content and design can work together for the benefit of each other. Few other mediums offer the same opportunity to marry the two components equally, using design to enhance the content and the content to elevate the design in the manner you are able to achieve with print.

The ways that a printed piece can make an impression are infinite. Whether great design on its own or enhanced by utilizing one or more specialized techniques such as embossing, spot coating, or die-cutting can elicit feelings while in a reader’s hands, therefore adding to the overall experience in a way that just can not be accomplished with digital means.

Popular Uses for Print Design

Books and Booklets
Business Cards
Custom Receipt Rolls
Door Hangers
Exhibition & Trade Show Graphics
Gift Certificates
Greeting & Thank You Cards
Labels & Packaging
Notebook Covers
Promotional Items/ Take-Aways
Rack Cards
Sales Sheets
Vinyl and Vehicle Wraps
Print is not dead
Print design is a great part of your marketing mix

A Great Part Of Your Marketing Mix

  • Low Cost per Impression (CPI)
  • Print is a credible medium
  • High-Quality Printed pieces generally have a longer shelf life
  • Print Is More Than Just Paper Products
  • Print media extends well beyond your typical paper products and includes promotional items such as drinkware, magnets, stickers, pens, keychains, T-shirts, and buttons. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, 85% of recipients retain a company’s name when they receive promotional items with that company’s logo on it.
  • Variable printing allows you to uniquely customize each piece of media by changing certain elements from piece to piece, taking advantage of the power of complex personalization.

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