“If a young man tells his date how handsome, smart, and successful he is – that’s advertising. If the young man tells his date she’s intelligent, looks lovely, and is a great conversationalist, he’s saying the right things to the right person and that’s marketing. If someone else tells the young woman how handsome, smart, and successful her date is – that’s PR.”

S. H. Simmons

If you don't tell your story someone else will. PR solutions by b.iD

Beyond Press Releases….Why PR?

Public Relations is an ever-evolving discipline that has kept up with the technological changes that have transformed the way we communicate and interact with individuals, organizations, corporations, and other entities. More than ever before, PR has proved an essential mechanism to uplift brands in whichever way possible, as well as enhancing relationships through reputation management. After branding efforts are established for a product, service, or an entire organization, the next step is to broadcast such efforts to prospective audiences.

A well established and coordinated public relations campaign will assist business leaders in obtaining the visibility they need to accomplish goals in relation to their respective enterprises. The reputation of an organization also plays a major role in the success of any entity, and to ensure relationships are always maintained, through good times and bad times, (especially the bad times), business leaders can rest assured that an established crisis and reputation strategy can salvage even the most complex organizational concerns. Most importantly, that you have a team dedicated to your best interests.

Get to the Root of it all with a Brand Audit

You worked hard to create the perfect brand and identity for your organization. Perhaps everything is going as planned and you believe you are on the right track to obtain the results you are searching for. On the other hand, you might see that things are not going as planned. You are not witnessing for yourself the results you expected for your organization. You believe your branding efforts are not being met. You have this belief that your brand is not getting the growth and evolution it deserves. Whether you are seeing results, or believe your branding efforts are stagnant and yielding negative outcomes, a brand audit is necessary to see for yourself, with hard evidence through the use of metrics, the health of your branding and identity strategies for your organization. Some of the elements that you are able to analyze through a brand audit include external branding information including website analytics and social media analytics, as well as obtaining data that measures how well customers are interacting with your brand. You are also able to acquire data in relation to internal branding efforts such as employee satisfaction and other company-related information. For these reasons, a brand audit is a necessary component of a well-rounded branding and identity campaign.

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Branding & Presentation is key

Brand Packaging: Make the Right Impression

Presenting yourself to your prospective clients, media, and other essential stakeholders takes considerable planning and meticulous attention. Preparation is a key to establishing tone, voice, and other elements that make an entire brand project itself to the best of its abilities. They say that the first impression is the only impression that counts. From this point forward, it will be challenging, but not impossible, to change your audiences’ perception of your brand and identity. That is why it is necessary for us to demonstrate the power of your brand, it’s potential in your market, and the possibilities that your brand can produce to enhance the lives of your prospective clients by producing a series of strategies through brand packaging, that is, a series of methods and procedures that will ensure that you are introduced to stakeholders the right way without the worry of possible glitches, mishaps and misunderstandings that can get in the way of showing your brand’s true essence. B.ID’s brand packaging efforts will assist you in your path towards reaching target audiences and help your organization obtain the visibility and build the connections you have always envisioned.

PR as part of our Holistic approach

Every single aspect of your business, from your departments, employees, and other relevant parties come together as one to fulfill one goal, instead of having to work separately. That is the core of holistic marketing. As you may know, marketing is an important component of any organization, and by having a holistic approach, you can utilize the expertise of other departments within your organization such as legal, finance, and corporate development to strengthen marketing efforts. When an organization comes together to work towards a common goal, such as creating a well-balanced public relations campaign, the advice and guidance of all professionals within an organization (regardless of seniority, expertise, or experience) unify to ensure that consistency is created and most importantly, that brand awareness is produced to better enable you to build relationships with audiences that will help your organization grow.

When your audiences believe in your brand, you want to ensure that consistent messages are always being delivered. To help your audiences gain a sense of trust for your brand and gain the awareness you are searching for, public relations strategies can empower holistic marketing by providing visibility and help deliver consistent messages to all target audiences. The branding and identity efforts from an organization only function if you are able to disseminate messages effectively to the public. Audiences have to know what your organization stands for and if it will have a positive impact on their daily lives. In simple terms, public relations will get the word out, get everyone buzzing, and help you make the impact you are searching for in the marketplace and most importantly on the audiences that will help your business succeed for years to come.

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