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Many business owners sometimes simply don’t like asking for assistance, especially when it comes to marketing their services. Sometimes, leaders must stop and consider that if something cannot be achieved by using their own means, then added help is necessary. Consider this: If you, the business owner, have any accounting, legal, or maintenance concerns, you would take these certain issues to the proper authorities. The same should be applied to your marketing efforts. Let us provide you with the expertise and guidance necessary for you to reach your organization’s marketing goals.

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Thinking of your target audience(s), if you are unable to confidently answer ‘YES’ to each of these questions, we have our starting point.

Do they get it? — The messaging and purpose
Do they connect? — Is your brand easily remembered?
Do they act? — Conversions like subscribing, donating, purchasing, etc.
Build advocates - Referrals, recommendations, reviews, etc.

Get the help and expertise you need to make your brand’s marketing efforts impactful.

When you may not have the answer for your marketing vision, know that the proper advice can certainly lead you to obtain the response you are seeking. Whichever form of content marketing, whether it be email marketing, social media marketing, or using the latest tools used to help businesses connect with their audiences, b.iD will find and utilize all of the strategies necessary to develop the most appropriate marketing plan for your needs. Contact us today for a consult.

Overall (Content) Marketing Strategy Development

You may have heard of these poignant words by Benjamin Franklin that go as follows: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is such a striking phrase because it can be applied to many aspects of our lives, and these words certainly ring true for individuals who work within the marketing and communications field. In order to be successful in reaching any marketing goal for an organization, a plan must be developed. This may be self-evident, but many leaders tend to simply take total control of their marketing plans without proper knowledge or guidance.

Identifying the Who, What, Where, How, and always the Why

As we mentioned before, you may have an idea of who you would like to reach in terms of target audiences, but there are certain questions that you may have to ask yourself before deciding which path to take in your marketing plan. Certain questions that may be asked include the following:

  • Do you know how to reach these audiences in a strategic manner?
  • Do you know which tactics are worthwhile to use in order to reach them?
  • What kind of content will be used to reach our audiences effectively?
  • Will it be textual information, graphic information, or both?

The questions that should be asked and answered within the marketing plan are based on the goal(s) we are trying to obtain and fulfill. b.iD will create an effective, strategic plan that will be centered on these goals alongside your vision for your organization. The following marketing strategies are just some of the ways we are able to achieve the marketing goals of our clients.

your new marketing department

Sample Marketing Channels

Ben Franklin QUote on preparation

Email Marketing

It is by far one of the most popular ways of reaching desired audiences. When businesses create an email list of their clients, effective email marketing can be established. This form of marketing is prominent due to the ability to reach many individuals at once, and most importantly, is a cost-effective marketing tactic. There are many strategies that can be made through this form of marketing. Product or service discounts can be implemented through email marketing, referrals, exclusive deals can be created, and many other ways of providing recurring clients great benefits.

Email marketing is still an essential piece within digital marketing because it has the ability to retain desired audiences. It is a digital way of providing attentive customer care, which creates a beneficial relationship between clients and businesses. If we conclude that an email marketing strategy fits well with your overall plan, we will identify which tactics will best suit the needs of your organization.

Social Media

When we think of social media, we think about the countless number of young users that use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to communicate with one another. While this is certainly true, social media has also created a positive and lasting impact for businesses across all industries. It has revolutionized the way we connect with desired audiences. The connection between client and service/product provider has become more enhanced because of social media. When it comes to creating relationships, social media marketing plays an integral role in effectively making relationships between businesses and consumers become successful. Creating an effective social media marketing plan depends on certain elements.

Depending on which industry you are part of, or which services or products you are providing, you must identify which social media platforms are most appropriate for your business. The type of content that will be used in the desired platforms should be made and targeted in a way that will connect most with audiences, because social media from our perspective, it’s about creating a connection that only makes audiences generate action, but reaches audiences in a human way. Some examples of effective social media content can include infographics, writing posts that elicit action, questionnaires, even targeted advertising.

Creating content is just one of the several elements in creating a successful social media marketing campaign. We must identify if whatever strategies that are implemented are working. Monitoring whether certain tactics are functioning is an important part of carrying a social media marketing plan to completion. If certain tactics are not functioning, we must identify what to change in order for our goals to be achieved.

If you believe that you are in need of guidance in including strategic social media marketing elements to your marketing, don’t hesitate in contacting us for Social Media SOS Sessions. B.ID will be able to identify which social media platforms and strategies will be best suited for your goals. These include performing preliminary research and creating a resource guide to help you make content that is shareable and that will have a profound effect on your audiences.
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Finding new tools for your business

Social Media has been the most recognized way of reaching audiences in a succinct manner for the past few years. Did you also know that there are other ways to target audiences? There are not the most recognized or most traditional ways, since some are fairly new tools, but they are certainly effective in fulfilling the goal of tapping into our targets.

Browser Push Notifications

Let’s begin with browser push notifications. Do you notice certain notifications on your phone when your phone is in a locked mode? If you click on the notification you will see the content and the purpose behind it. Browser push notifications allow you to do just that. It is a quick and time-efficient way to deliver a message that is urgent or that is of significant importance. There is no need for your clients or customers to log into a website to obtain information, they will simply receive the information in real-time.
B.ID Chatbot by Chatful


Other wonderful tools include using chatbots, which for the most part are automated services that are used to communicate with customers, similar to AIM (RIP!), or an instant messenger, but far more advanced. The main difference is that once set up is designed to help current and potential customers by answering some frequently asked questions regarding products or services without the need for a physical customer service rep. Chatbots are built to constantly learn based on previous interactions and will only get more efficient at providing 24/7 digital customer service.

Blogging without the Blog

Microblogging is another way to communicate instantaneously with audiences. The amount of content that can be created using this avenue in communicating with audiences can give you the ability to create and provide information that is simply innovative, time-efficient, that still maintains its intended message. Some examples of the most popular platforms that use microblogging include Twitter and Tumblr. B.ID will help you identify which of these new tools will be best for your business.

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