In the last 15 years,  technological advancements made a significant impact on the way we communicate around the world. There are so many ways that we can communicate now. A majority of individuals now have cell phones and other devices with many capabilities, and belong to many social networks (social media). Because of the creation of social media and the advancements in telecommunication instruments, connecting with other people has never been easier. The progress in digital devices and creation of new ways of connecting with people has made life better for all us. It is simpler to keep in touch with loved ones, find long-lost connections, and find employment much faster and more efficiently. Speaking of connecting with people, the progress that has been made in the digital world has made networking much easier.

Yes, the progress in technology has made networking easier, but we now tend to dismiss some crucial elements that make networking worthwhile, and believe it or not, the business card is still a significant item that is needed when connecting with others. There have been articles from prominent publications that state that the business card is becoming virtually obsolete. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This belief that the business card is no longer useful is quite frankly an incorrect one. The reasons why you should keep a business card are significant if you would like greater success when networking. We are going to highlight the major reasons why you should not put away your business card even in the age of the ever-changing world of telecommunications.

Sometimes, Technology Can Get In The Way

You would think that the exchange of information would be faster using technological devices but sometimes though, they can make networking a little tedious. Certain phones make the transfer of information easier, but that would only function if you have the same phone as well. It would simply be luck if you do manage to have the same device as the person you are trying to make a connection with, or both of your phones have the same capabilities that make the transfer of information much easier. Okay, well… let’s say that both of your phones have the same capabilities. Now you have to consider that not many individuals know how to use their cell phones the way that you probably use your cell phone. This will make the exchange of information a little slower, and most likely, the transfer may become awkward. Sometimes, the people that you are trying to make a connection with do not have their phones with them. Some people simply do not like using cellphones. The reasons may be endless. Some people like using their phones for personal use only. Or perhaps, they just feel that the use of a cellphone is not a way to create personal connections. You have to consider these legitimate reasons on why certain individuals do not use devices to network.

Make Them More Likely to Remember

One of the most important reasons we believe that business cards should be present during the networking process is because it provides us the ability to come face to face with someone that can potentially change our professional path for the better. We certainly believe that an interpersonal relationship can flourish when we exchange information. The link in creating a mutual and beneficial relationship is found through the business card. Let us explain: As we have mentioned before, the way we connect and create relationships nowadays is through social networks, in particular through websites such as LinkedIn. If we want to connect with someone through these means, we simply add them to our network. Perhaps we may send them a message and introduce ourselves to make ourselves known. This is a common way to begin creating relationships. We have to admit that is a time efficient way to build a relationship. But the brevity of this interaction can make it difficult to create a long-lasting connection. You have to consider that the professional or individual you are trying to reach most likely gets many messages like yours, perhaps they get hundreds of these messages throughout a week. It would be difficult to stand out amongst all of those messages of the many individuals such as yourself who are trying to break into an industry while trying to get that person who will believe in your life goals, your business, or whatever you stand for.

The business card allows you to come face to face with a person you are trying to get to know. You physically have to hand out someone your card! This sounds obvious, but you have to think about the bigger picture here. The person you are networking with will most likely remember you.  Unlike connecting through social media networks, or other online means, when you physically interact with the professional you are trying to build a relationship with, it will be more likely that an impact will be created. The emotions, the tone of the conversations, the way you physically express yourself can create a greater impact. Now add in the tactile experience of engaging with your card allows your contact to engage multiple senses, which increases the likelihood of being remembered. The possibility of certain things to be misinterpreted is greatly reduced. For the most part, online conversations cannot always provide this form interpersonal communication. It is simply more practical for someone to remember your interaction when you offer your business card. This person can look back if they forget certain details and just| refer to your contact information through physical means because of the face to face interaction you’ve had.

Show The Essence Of Your Brand In A Cost Effective Way

There are many ways you can demonstrate what your brand stands for through your business card. You can display your personality and the essence of your brand through many different designs, different shapes, and tones, as well as various forms of typography. Whether your business is in human resources or the creative arts, you can pick and choose which designs are most appropriate for the type of message you are trying to convey through your business card. We all have different personalities. We all have individual messages that we want for our target audiences to see. This is certainly possible to bring to fruition all of these elements through the business card. Your business card is an introduction to what your brand stands for, and your audiences will be allowed to see exactly just that. The best thing about creating a business card is that is cost-effective. A simple consultation with a printing professional can help you narrow down the finishes and styles that best suit your brand and budget.  Because they are affordable to create, your creativity, your vision is not impediments in creating the perfect tool to that is the link between your goals and the individuals who will make your professional or personal aspirations become a reality.

As previously stated, advances in technology (especially within the communications world) has made every aspect of our lives easier. Sometimes though, certain ways to communicate effectively cannot be changed, even with technology at our disposal. The next time you decide to skip on the business card, just remember that this tool, as antiquated as some people may consider it to be, can be the perfect way to stand out amongst the tech-savvy, smartphone carrying crowd.

Rule #1 ALways have your business cards on hand

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