B.ID has been partnering with EFS Group LLC, a company of Houston CPAs that specializes in providing accounting, tax preparation, payroll, business structure consulting and IRS representation services, since 2016. We were able to redesign their website, where it was relaunched in January 2017. Ephraim, the president of EFS Group LLC, decided to partner with us again for another important assignment. He informed us that he wanted to rebrand. We were delighted that he decided to return to us to provide him with some of our company’s other services. Here was the catch: We had less than two weeks to execute rebranding efforts (jaw drop)! We also had to design and print for a trade show that EFS was going to be a part of. For b.iD, this was certainly a task that was not to be taken lightly.

What Was The Problem?

A project that had specific time constraints was not an issue for b.iD. The real concern was evident in our client’s pursuit of branding his organization. It is perhaps an entrepreneur’s most difficult task. Creating an identity that will captivate potential consumers is a challenge that most leaders do not take lightly. If they don’t present their brand in a way that can create a positive effect on audiences, then a business can suffer the consequences. Some of the consequences can include lack of connection, mistrust amongst consumers, as well as a drop in services and/or products rendered.

This is a challenge that Ephraim had encountered when he decided to rebrand his financial services company. The original logo that Ephraim had for his company gave us a clip art feel. It simply did not capture what was unique to EFS. Ephraim’s business has been a great provider of financial services, especially within accounting, for a considerable amount of time.

Branding for growth.

He was more than ready to take his company to the next level. He knew that in order for him to compete with much larger firms, he needed to stand in out in more ways than one. He needed to demonstrate what his company stood for through a rebranding effort. It is certainly a challenge for a leader to hand over the reins to another party. They know what is best for their business, but sometimes, some additional guidance is needed for a company to reach its full potential. Because Ephraim experienced encouragement from Tiffany Williams of Twice Media Productions, LLC have their brand refresh experience as well having worked with us to redesign EFS’s website; he chose b.iD to handle rebranding efforts.

How Did We Solve The Problem?

EFS Logo Redesign by b.iD LLC ©

Since there was a strict timeline to complete our goals, we invested ourselves to achieve rebranding by having a complete logo redesign. We decided to take the letter “E,” “F,” and “S” in a way that was orderly but unique. We also wanted to make sure that we presented the logo that gave a corporate feel, in accordance with the wishes of Ephraim. When we were redesigning the logo for this organization, we wanted to make sure that final design allowed the viewer to have their own interpretation of what the design means when viewing the logo. We wanted the messages that were interpreted to reflect the core values of EFS. We created a design that interpreted a variety of messages. A viewer can interpret the logo as a pathway. The design of a pathway can be translated as EFS being a company that will lead a business in the correct direction. Another viewer can interpret the logo as building blocks. This translates as EFS having accounting, tax, and consulting services that will provide the building blocks to make sure a business thrives. Finally, a viewer can also interpret the logo as a wing. Many viewers can infer that EFS has the financial experience necessary for a business to take off.

The branding direction ultimately reflects the values and messages the company wants to disseminate, and by doing so, it can inspire interest within the viewer. The interest garnered can influence an action to get to know more about a business, and in this case, potential clients would be inspired to get to know more about EFS. Sometimes, images can obtain the attention of individuals more than written text, or a speech. For the rebranding purposes of EFS, redesigning their logo, was the first and most appropriate way of demonstrating the quality of this financial organization.

B.ID was able to create a logo from inception to completion in a matter of 3 days. After the logo was finalized, we were able to work on collateral items such as business cards, rack cards, two pop up banners, a tablecloth, and an 8’ x 8’ backdrop.


“The turnaround time. I had a really strict deadline, and you were able to meet it. I don’t know how you did it though.”

Although we had a very tight schedule, we were able to achieve our goal. We got it all done and printed ON TIME!

Ephraim expressed to us how incredibly happy he was with the fact that we were able to complete rebranding efforts in such a short period of time. “The turnaround time. I had a really strict deadline, and you were able to meet it. I don’t know how you did it though”, Ephraim said. We were glad that we were able to complete this project in such a short period of time, but we wondered how long it took for him to see the impact of the rebranding strategies. Well, that question was thankfully answered promptly. “Not long. About a week or two really”, he said. We were happy that the collateral material that we provided also helped in his efforts to advertise his company during the trade show. He was very thankful for the work that we created because he knew of the time constraint he had. He stated the following: “Appreciate the work and definitely recommend you.”

What have they been doing since?

Since our time with Ephraim, he has been diligent in promoting EFS, networking in person and online, while continuing to provide quality services and resources to businesses. He has also incorporated the use of social media, creating informative and captivating content to elevate his company’s brand and reach. You can check them out here!: @efsgroupllc. Even though there was a strict deadline, we made sure to create work that will help Ephraim and his company find success in the competitive market of financial services.

“Appreciate the work and definitely recommend you.”

Full Tradeshow Booth Design and Print Coordination (Pop up Banners, 8’ Banner, Custom Tablecloth, Rack Cards)

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