Mission Statement

b.iD’s mission is to aide businesses at any stage, build, develop and implement a strong cohesive branding strategy that enables them to achieve business success both on and off-line.

What makes b.iD different?

A wise man once said that the opposite of remarkable is good and because of that it is our goal be nothing less than remarkable.Being good is not entirely a bad thing but when standing out and doing better means the difference between you and the next individual/business/product; we choose to be and do better. With that, it is only acceptable that we approach each of our clients and projects that same way. They deserve nothing less than work that will benefit their business, career, event and everything else for the better; setting them apart from the crowd. With b.iD you won’t have to choose from a list of benefits but can only have two, great designs accomplish more than just looks and likes.

At b.iD, building our clients’ brands is our top priority. We are a boutique agency whose aim is to deliver high quality and highly creative designs tied together with top-level service from conception to execution.





Meet the Founder

B.ID LLC founder, Dana Hewling, like the island she calls home, is a blend of drive, creativity, passion and determination that when combined just right can be unstoppable. Raised in Jamaica, she has always had strong artistic abilities and a love for all things creative, which is seen in her drawings, painting, jewelry and of course designs. This love was the reason she ventured towards Architecture design but it wasn’t until after an internship at OGM Integrated Communications Ltd.–the top advertising agency in Jamaica– that instilled a passion for great advertsing and branding.

The creative and strategic foundation was laid during her studies at the University of South Florida where she attained her B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Advertising and has since developed over the years in part to wonderful clients such Product Branding for Jerk Hut Restaurants in Tampa, FL and Print design for Charlie’s Plumbing here in Houston, TX. This field is one that a constantly changing and requires a special type of person to (tolerate and) succeed in it.

Outside of helping brands speak up and speak clearer in a world that is constantly yelling at it’s audience, Dana’s enjoys speading time with her dog. Also an active member of Toastmasters International she currently holds her Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL) Awards but is striving for her Advanced Communicator Awards and beyond, as Competent is not Remarkable ;-).

Memberships & Certifications

AAF Houston logo Certified Social Media Marketing Professional


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015 2017 Citation of Excellence - Logo Design Award