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To improve a website is to improve a business. Whether you are a local, brick & mortar entity or an e-commerce organization, see how SEO can be the link between a vision and desired results for your business.

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Have you thought about how you are going to stand out amongst other businesses, especially in a time like today, where businesses all around the world are navigating through a vast digital world? Almost every business that has some form of success or that is established in some way, relies on its online presence.

Let’s put it like this: If you would like for your business to improve its digital presence, we believe you should start considering updating your website and creating digital marketing strategies that are suited to your needs. When creating an effective strategy, you should look no further than to a practice that is no stranger to anyone who has ever typed a query into Google, Bing, or Yahoo. We call this Search Engine Optimization or for short, SEO. The mission of search engine optimization is to improve the quality of a website by incorporating essential mechanisms and strategies in order to achieve a better ranking in search engines.

Frequestly Asked SEO Questions

Can’t I do SEO on my own?

Enforcing SEO strategies for your website (and the success of your organization) is similar to a great journey. Like many journeys, they all have many obstacles, many barriers that must be overcome. A journey can be a short one, but for most of us, we take time to reach our intended destinations. SEO is similar to a great journey. Almost any individual that is in charge of a business would like for their website to have great rankings in the most prominent search engines. No business should guarantee you the highest ranking possible. If they do so, that is an alarm that must go off in your head. The best way to achieve a higher ranking is by doing SEO in a strategic yet clean manner.

We must think about many factors that will help your business achieve the ranking that is desired.

  • Is your website user-friendly? Is it compatible with mobile devices?
  • Is the content that is presented in the website inviting, and succinct?
  • Does it make customers stay and want to know more about your business.
  • Do you have an effective social media presence that will be helpful to your SEO strategies?

These are the questions that you need to ask yourself before you start to execute your desired SEO plans.

Asking these questions is the only the beginning though. It is the initial step that we must take to complete the SEO journey. What we ask for you is to commit to the strategies that we here at b.iD will implement for your website. The strategies that are going to be implemented, in due time, will help search engines to crawl your website, then indexing it, where finally the desired outcome of reaching higher rankings will be made possible.

On-Site SEO vs Off-Site SEO

Search engine optimization is usually separated into two different categories. There is On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. On-Site SEO refers to anything that is within the parameters of your website to create a positive impact in search engines. These include improving pages of a website, creating effective headlines and descriptions that search engines can index, which in turn, can help your rankings significantly.

Off-Site SEO, goes beyond what is inside the website. Some of the strategies that can help create effective Off-Site SEO include creating social media campaigns with carefully crafted messages, as well as the use of links. A very common form of linking involves third party websites linking back to a website. This can significantly influence the positioning of a website in search engines.

Local Marketing?

When it comes to implementing SEO strategies for a local market, precision is key. There are many things that business owners don’t necessarily think about when they try to establish themselves in their respective markets. If there are any inconsistencies surrounding your business, there can be negative effects. We here at b.iD can produce strategies for you, the small business owner, that is simply trying to establish themselves through a market than often times can be difficult to stand out if one does not have the proper SEO strategies in place. Through monthly reports and quarterly SEO reports, we can provide the insights necessary for you to succeed in your area.

Content Marketing as a part of SEO?

Content marketing is an integral part of SEO. The strategy that goes behind the content is crucial to the overall success of your overall SEO strategies. This form of strategic marketing entails producing content that is of value in order to attract desired audiences. But is not simply just attracting target audiences, though. The definitive goal for this category of strategy is to influence. Words have incredible strength. Words have remarkable power. With the correct content, you can essentially change your business for the better. This can be achieved if you are reaching your intended audiences in a way that is natural, in a form that is essentially human. Human beings are not robots, they are not machines that are one dimensional; nor are they simple creatures that with a certain code or algorithm, can be activated and made to do certain activities, like automatically buy a product or a service. It simply does not work out that way.

There is a great variety of the different forms of content that you can use to achieve the goals for your overall SEO strategy. You can write content directly on your website. For example, you have different sections on your website, such as an “About Us” section or a “What We Do” section, where your company lists the various services that are provided. This is where you can place content creativity and innovation since it is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate what you can offer to desired audiences in a succinct manner. For most users, they want something easy to read and that gets straight to the point. It is an opportunity for you to state your case. Powerful content makes them stay, read more, and potentially makes them use whichever services you have to offer. You can also incorporate content through infographics, where you state statistics, facts, in a clear and visual manner. You can have articles that inform individuals about your specific products, services, or knowledge that you have gained, and would like to share. All of these diverse forms of content, including videos, articles, blogs, infographics, and many other forms of content, can give your website a competitive edge. But most of all, it can give you the opportunity to be seen not just as a website that contains information, but a website that also has a voice. A website that creates a connection that almost every consumer feels when they read something of value. If your website has content that creates a positive impact on someone’s life, that makes their life easier, it is content that has reached its intended goal.

Like any form of strategic planning, we must understand our audiences. We must study them in order to create content that will serve its purpose. The different varieties of content, like the ones we previously mentioned, are not one size fits all. Each type of content serves a purpose, and you must think about which form is more appropriate for your strategy. We can create content that you may think will work, but ultimately if one does not know how to speak the language of the desired audience, then it will be more difficult to achieve whichever goal you have placed. Once you have an understanding of your audience, then we can create content that is not only informative but it reaches the audiences we so desire. For more information on how you can incorporate content to your SEO strategies, or any form of communication strategies for that matter, visit our Copywriting services page.

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