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Make the Most of Networking, Q&A with Michelle Ngome

Make the Most of Networking

As you may know, b.iD provides branding advice to many different organizations from a variety of industries. As noted in our Case Study, it is our responsibility as a creative agency to provide the most appropriate advice regarding how businesses can develop their identity through branding. But businesses are the not the only entities who […]

Are business cards... obsolete?

Is It Still Necessary To Have A Business Card?

In the last 15 years,  technological advancements made a significant impact on the way we communicate around the world. There are so many ways that we can communicate now. A majority of individuals now have cell phones and other devices with many capabilities, and belong to many social networks (social media). Because of the creation […]

Branding Case Study

Case Study: Charlie’s Plumbing

Since 1979, Charlie’s Plumbing, Inc. has been the go to plumbing service provider for many Houstonians. They serve and provide expertise across many different industries including Commercial & Industrial plumbing services and Residential & Multi-Family plumbing services. Charlie’s Plumbing also provides several plumbing and sanitation services to many other businesses within government, healthcare, as well [...]
Why Don't They Match: Colors On Screen VS On Print

Why Don’t They Match: Colors On Screen VS On Print

When it comes to working on a graphic design related assignment, the journey to inception to completion can be very long and sometimes, it can be a challenging one as well. We speak to our clients about what the project might entail. We ask many questions to make sure you are getting every detail necessary [...]
Logo VS Graphic: What's the Difference

Logo VS Graphic [Infographic]

One of the best things about our job is the privilege of working with a variety of people is a range of industries. Some are seasoned entrepreneurs/marketers where as others are taking their first stab at business/marketing. Our clients come to us for our creative, technical abilities as well as our professional guidance. As designers, [...]
Twitter Served Fresh, Never Frozen

Twitter Served Fresh, Never Frozen

Let us provide you with a scenario that is all too common for many communication and marketing professionals. (Yes, we’re talking to you!): After your supervisor has completed a meeting, you and your colleagues are given a task to research and identify audiences that will best be able to receive the products your company so […]

keep your WordPress site updated

5 reasons you should keep your WordPress site updated

Whether used for a personal blog, small business site, large e-commerce store or national/multinational corporation, such as The New Yorker, BBC America and Beyonce as well as many more utilizing the open-source platform. WordPress has become the go to website platform. As Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility” it is critical that […]