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the logo blues

The Logo Blues

There are many wonders in the world. They include the skies, bodies of water, precious stones such as aquamarines and sapphires. There are also many ordinary things that we as people tend to consume. These items include clothing items such as jeans, fruits such as blueberries, and transportation such as automobiles. All of these items [...]

meaning behind colors

The Message Behind Color

Understanding the Principles of Color Theory and Color Psychology You perhaps are asked this question countless of times: What is your favorite color? It is the go-to question to ask on dates, personality questionnaires, and basically at every occasion where someone is trying to get to know someone in the most basic level. When was […]

EFS Group Rebranding Case Study

Case Study: EFS Group PLLC

B.ID has been partnering with EFS Group LLC, a company of Houston CPAs that specializes in providing accounting, tax preparation, payroll, business structure consulting and IRS representation services, since 2016. We were able to redesign their website, where it was relaunched in January 2017. Ephraim, the president of EFS Group LLC, decided to partner with […]

Building Company and Personal Brands That Resonate

Equiliberty: Building Company and Personal Brands That Resonate

What do you think about when you think of the term “brand”? Do you think about some of the most important business entities in the world such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Apple, The Walt Disney Company? Do you think about their popular slogans or perhaps their iconic logos that provide a visual that many individuals […]

DPI and PPI Explained

Messing with Resolutions

When we think about resolutions, we think about New Year’s resolutions. We all have them. Some of us would like to go to the gym more often to improve our overall health. We perhaps wish to go to travel to dream destinations so we can experience other cultures and witness how other individuals live. Some […]

Seven Marketing Trends for 2018

7 Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018

The goal of many marketing professionals, business owners, and other persons entrusted with the growth of an organization is to build positive connections with targeted audiences. Many of these individuals invested in cultivating such relationships are always looking for ways to improve such relations through a myriad of means, where almost all are centered on [...]

5 tips to always Be Inpired daily

Be Inspired Daily: 5 Tips To Finding Inspiration Everyday

Sometimes, finding inspiration in our everyday lives can become a difficult task. We all have many things to balance, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. When we feel as though we lost that spark, we look to things that can inspire us so we can get going with our lives. After all, we are very [...]

3 Keys to Using Social Media to its Fullest

It is no secret that social media has completely impacted the way, we as people, interact with each other. We can say with a good amount of certainty that if you are reading this, then perhaps you have a personal social media presence. So our question to you is: Which social media outlet do you […]

Make the Most of Networking, Q&A with Michelle Ngome

Make the Most of Networking

As you may know, b.iD provides branding advice to many different organizations from a variety of industries. As noted in our Case Study, it is our responsibility as a creative agency to provide the most appropriate advice regarding how businesses can develop their identity through branding. But businesses are the not the only entities who […]

Are business cards... obsolete?

Is It Still Necessary To Have A Business Card?

In the last 15 years,  technological advancements made a significant impact on the way we communicate around the world. There are so many ways that we can communicate now. A majority of individuals now have cell phones and other devices with many capabilities, and belong to many social networks (social media). Because of the creation […]

Branding Case Study

Case Study: Charlie’s Plumbing

Since 1979, Charlie’s Plumbing, Inc. has been the go to plumbing service provider for many Houstonians. They serve and provide expertise across many different industries including Commercial & Industrial plumbing services and Residential & Multi-Family plumbing services. Charlie’s Plumbing also provides several plumbing and sanitation services to many other businesses within government, healthcare, as well [...]

Why Don't They Match: Colors On Screen VS On Print

Why Don’t They Match: Colors On Screen VS On Print

When it comes to working on a graphic design related assignment, the journey to inception to completion can be very long and sometimes, it can be a challenging one as well. We speak to our clients about what the project might entail. We ask many questions to make sure you are getting every detail necessary [...]

Logo VS Graphic: What's the Difference

Logo VS Graphic [Infographic]

One of the best things about our job is the privilege of working with a variety of people is a range of industries. Some are seasoned entrepreneurs/marketers where as others are taking their first stab at business/marketing. Our clients come to us for our creative, technical abilities as well as our professional guidance. As designers, [...]

Twitter Served Fresh, Never Frozen

Twitter Served Fresh, Never Frozen

Let us provide you with a scenario that is all too common for many communication and marketing professionals. (Yes, we’re talking to you!): After your supervisor has completed a meeting, you and your colleagues are given a task to research and identify audiences that will best be able to receive the products your company so […]

keep your WordPress site updated

5 reasons you should keep your WordPress site updated

Whether used for a personal blog, small business site, large e-commerce store or national/multinational corporation, such as The New Yorker, BBC America and Beyonce as well as many more utilizing the open-source platform. WordPress has become the go to website platform. As Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility” it is critical that […]